How To Choose A Laser Or Electrologist Technician

You are bombarded with ads on the television, radio and internet about different hair removal businesses. Each and every one of them makes certain claims and tries to draw you…

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Why It’s Important To Shave Before Doing A Laser Treatment

Often time’s people are surprised when they’re told that they have to shave before their laser session. Many people ask how the technician knows where the…

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Brazilian Hair Removal Techniques

One of the most popular treatments that we do on women is brazilian laser hair removal which means that we go after every single…

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The Three Different Types Of Electrolysis

Most people who walk into my office to get an electrolysis hair removal session performed come in because a friend or family member turned them on to the…

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Are You A Good Candidate For Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal that is proven work, has a track record that spans over 130 years and is backed up…

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