Body Laser Hair Removal

From chest and back hair reduction to abdominal hair removal, shaving or waxing to remove unwanted body hair may seem like a last resort. Fortunately, Laser ByAleya’s professional hair removal services will help to drastically reduce the appearance of unwanted body hair using the Diode laser machine.

Laser Treatment for Body Hair Removal

Full body laser hair removal will give you the confidence that you need to look and feel great especially during the summer months but also throughout the remainder of the year. Laser treatment does not work well for those who have blond, red or gray hair. Be sure to consult a certified laser technician who will work with you to achieve your desired results.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of laser treatment for the body will likely differ for each candidate based on the size of the treatment area. If you are interested in receiving laser treatment for a specific area of the body and would like an estimate, review our service pricing page or contact us today.

Body Hair Removal for Men & Women

Achieve the soft, touchable skin you’ve always wanted when you undergo laser treatment. Professional laser body hair removal is available in Great Neck, NY at Laser By Aleya within VS1 Salon.

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