Permanent Back Hair Removal

At Laser By Aleya, our clients looking for permanent back hair removal on Long Island have a variety of reasons for scheduling their first appointment. While women generally seek to permanently remove lower back hair, we also see men interested in permanently removing hair around their upper back and shoulder area.

Permanently Remove Back Hair with Electrolysis

As the only form of permanent hair removal currently approved by the FDA, electrolysis treatment can be used for individuals looking to permanently remove unwanted back hair. Unlike laser hair reduction, electrolysis works on all skin types, hair textures and colors from thick to thin and light to dark.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of permanently removing back hair may differ on the individual and size of the treatment area. For information about the cost of electrolysis, refer to our service pricing page.

Back Hair Removal for Men

Laser By Aleya specializes in permanent back hair removal for men on Long Island. Our Great Neck location is conveniently located in Western Long Island, just a short drive from Queens and New York City. You are one step away from permanent hair removal. Contact us today to get started on your way to a happier, hair-free you!

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