Facial Hair Laser Removal

Unwanted facial hair can damage self-esteem and one’s self-perception. Say goodbye to the 5 o’clock shadow and hello to soft skin free of hair when you undergo laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Treatment for Facial Hair Removal

If you have ever wondered if laser treatment was right for you and have yet to receive treatment, Laser By Aleya recommends receiving a consultation with a certified technician. Consulting a professional will reduce potential error or discomfort and will allow you to feel confident with your treatment of choice. If you are looking for permanent hair removal or have light, blond, red or gray hair, electrolysis may be the better fit for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of laser hair treatment is based on the area being serviced. If you are interested in receiving laser for facial hair and would like to get an estimate on the amount of sessions necessary to achieve the desired results, view our prices page for the cost of laser and electrolysis treatment.

Face Hair Removal for Women & Men

For women, removing undesirable facial hair can make a huge change in one’s mood and physical appearance. Facial laser treatment for men and women will help to reduce the visibility of hair on the face leaving only smooth and touchable skin in its place. Forget about shaving or waxing which can leave unwanted stubble and make the switch to laser!

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