The Three Different Types Of Electrolysis

Most people who walk into my office to get an electrolysis hair removal session performed come in because a friend or family member turned them on to the procedure. Very few people do research to find out exactly what it entails or if there are different ways of doing it. Just like there are different laser machines there are different types of electrolysis hair removal and depending on the spa that you go to you will experience on of them.


This is the first type of electrolysis that was created by Dr. Michael Faraday in 1875. An electric current is sent through the probe (the needle) directly into the hair follicle in order to create a chemical action by heating up the water and lye in your body which will destroy the hairs in the long run.


This form of electrolysis is executed by sending a radio frequency through the probe and into the hair follicle.

Blend Electrolysis

This method of electrolysis hair removal is a combination of galvanic and thermolysis.

Many electrologists prefer to work with just one of these methods. At Laser By Aleya we opt for the galvanic method because it works faster than the others. However, all of these methods are safe and will provide results if you stick with a treatment schedule.

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