Why It’s Important To Shave Before Doing A Laser Treatment

Often time’s people are surprised when they’re told that they have to shave before their laser session. Many people ask how the technician knows where the hairs are and how can the hairs be treated if they aren’t showing. Other times people say that they had gone somewhere else where shaving wasn’t a requirement. The reason that it’s important to shave before doing a diode laser hair removal session is because if the laser touches the hairs then it can singe them. Not only will this make the treatment a lot more painful, but it can burn your skin as well.

Of course there are areas on the body where the hairs are thicker, denser and more stubborn. They are mostly found on women’s underarms and bikini areas and on men’s necks. These hairs are hard to shave and you may see them right at the surface of the skin even though you’ve done your best to shave them. You will find that after two or three treatments it will be much easier to shave them and they won’t be so visible.

Shaving is an integral part of your session so be sure to take your time and do it properly and use a good razor so that you don’t cut yourself. To learn how to get ready for your session be sure to read our post about how to prepare for your laser hair removal session for some easy to follow advice.

Image source- flickr

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