Laser and Electrolysis Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal via safe, sterile and FDA approved techniques

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How It All Began:

When I was twenty one, I had peach fuzz on my face and went to a laser hair removal center in NYC to remove the unwanted hair. At that time, laser treatment was new and I was not aware of how the procedure worked–including the success probabilities, or the dangers.

The first technician that I saw failed to do a test shot before treatment, which is a standard procedure, and ended up burning most of my face. It took three months for my skin to fully heal. I then went to an electrologist who was highly skilled but paid more attention to the television than he did to me.

When I thought I had given up, I found a technician who restored my faith in laser hair reduction. Fast forward several years and I decided to get into the hair removal business for myself, providing safe and effective hair removal on Long Island for those in need of a professional service.

Education and Certifications:

Aleya attended New York’s Berkowits School and received her certification in electrolysis in 2005. In 2007, she attended the same school and expanded her education and experience, receiving a certification in laser hair removal.


I can empathize with anyone who has unwanted facial and body hair and dreams of having smooth skin in its place. My goal is to provide you with the safest and best possible hair removal on Long Island at a reasonable price. I will give you the results that you need to feel confident about the way you look.


6 Grace Avenue, Suite 202, Great Neck, NY 11021 P: (516) 551-8194
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