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Both men and women alike have taken advantage of our Diode laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal services. Several of our satisfied customers have taken the time to review their experience.

Hair Removal by Aleya

January 8, 2013

I have been there once so far since purchasing the Groupon. I went for an initial consultation. She was very pleasant, professional, clean and thorough. I can’t wait to start my laser hair removal Thursday.

– Groupon Customer

December 13, 2012

Aleya was fantastic!!! Explained the process and possible side effects from Laser. Even did a test shot to see if my skin would tolerate laser. Very friendly and very clean!!! Would, and have recommended to many people.

– Groupon Customer

November 18, 2012

Aleya is so professional and very thorough on her work, and even better she’s just as sweet!!! I would truly recommend her to anyone!!!

– Groupon Customer

November 14, 2012

She was nice and helpful

– Groupon Customer

October 10, 2012

Aleya is so nice and professional! She is super fast and clean which is an extremely important characteristic in hair removal. I have tried so many different people in the past and i am the happiest with her. She always makes sure my whole face is clean before leaving each session. She also makes each session less painful and goesby fasterthan expected with her fun and warm personality.

– Leora M. from Great Neck, NY

September 30, 2012

Aleya is so nice, professional, and above all the best electrolysist I’ve ever had. I felt like in my first session with her, she worked almost twice as fast as the prior two electrolysists I have used.

She also is careful not to leave your hair patchy. She goes through a process of thinning, so from week to week you don’t look like you’re balding in some places—in other words, she’s made the gradual process actually look gradual. Also she makes sure to use some sort of liquid after that prevents swelling. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Aleya.

– P A. from Manhattan, NY

September 27, 2012

Aleya is an honest, sweet, effective and caring electrolysist. I know she does laser also, but I haven’t done laser with her yet.

Selecting an electrolysist is a very important thing. I want one who isn’t creepy, who works fast, who is nice and non-judgmental. Aleya is all of those things.

I started going to Aleya a few years ago. She was much better priced than my prior electrolysist and worked faster than he. In a few sessions (probably about four months. This stuff takes a little time), I was having noticeable results.  Her machine also hurt less than my prior experience. She also kind of acts as a therapist (haha, comes for free).

Up to this point, I basically am hair-free where I started. I have a few more spots to do (unfortunate quality, being middle-eastern). She started at a new location recently, so updates to come soon.

– Rebecca A. from Brooklyn, NY
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