Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Without fail, the first question that anyone who wants to so laser hair removal asks is ‘Does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt?’ To put the answer in one word, the answer is YES! The Brazilian area is a small area that not only is sensitive to begin with (just imagine how your body feels when you have your period) but it’s filled with thick, dark hairs that are strong.

There are a few things that you can do however, to make yourself more comfortable.

Here are 4 Tips to Make Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Less Painful:

1. Schedule Around Your Monthly: 

Do not schedule your treatment during, two days before or two days after your period. Your body is going through enough as it is. Waiting a few days won’t mess up your treatments.

2. Shave

The closer you shave the fewer hairs there are standing up. When a laser touches the hair, the hair gets scorched and this can be very painful.

3. Advil

Taking two Advils 20 minutes before your treatment helps to ease the pain.

4. Numb The Area

Speak to your technician about  all of the different topical anesthetics that can numb the area so that you’ll feel barely anything at all.

You’ll also notice that as the hairs start to disappear you’ll feel less and less discomfort. Remember, Brazilian laser hair removal does not need to be painful, but it’s up to you to take the proper steps.

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