Laser and Electrolysis Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal via safe, sterile and FDA approved techniques

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Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser companies guarantee 30-70% of hair reduction once all procedures have been completed. The hair is not killed during the laser hair removal procedure so after two years, you may see some of the hair grow back but it will be sparse and much thinner. To maintain the results of laser hair removal, a once-a-year treatment is necessary. If the hair that remains is still bothering you, it can be removed permanently with electrolysis.

Is Laser Right For Everyone?

It is important to note that laser treatment will not work on people who have blond, red, grey, or white hair. Those with dark, thick hair will see the best results with laser hair removal. It will work on people with olive skin, but will work much better on lighter skin tones. We’ve used the Diode on individuals from Indian, Middle Easterner and Guyanese decent who have obtained great results.

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