How to Treat Irritated Skin


Skin irritation can be caused by a number of factors in our surrounding environment. With warmer than normal temperatures and the unbearable humidity that we’ve all experienced this summer, relief from skin discomfort, such as sun burn and mosquito bites can keep us in the right state of mind. Here are 5 ways to quickly relieve skin itch and irritation.

Itch Relief from Mosquito Bites

The humidity is the perfect weather need for pests like mosquitoes and gnats to thrive. While you’re barbequing or lounging by the pool, they love nothing more than to hassle you. If you’ve ever had a mosquito bite, you know that the itch lasts for several days and can scar your skin.

Here are a few tips on mosquito bite itch relief that should help you have a more comfortable summer.

Toothpaste: Ease the itch of bug bites with toothpaste. Minty toothpaste can help to ease the itch and the swelling you get from mosquito bites just as it can give you a beautiful pearly white smile!

Ice: Ice is used to decrease the effects of inflammation and swelling. Applying an ice pack to the infected area will help to numb the itch and ease any discomfort.

Baking Soda: This household product has a variety of uses, from facial cleansing and teeth whitening to an additive to brighten dirty clothes. Mix a little baking soda with just enough water to create a paste and then apply the mixture directly to the bite with a cotton ball. Allow it to dry and thoroughly rinse the mixture from your skin. In about twenty minutes, the baking soda will work to penetrate the itch, leaving you at ease.

Aloe: The aloe plant is one of nature’s greatest healers. Not only is aloe recommended for wounds and scar reduction, it helps to reduce itching and swelling brought on by mosquito bites, sun burn and a variety of skin irritants that have come in between you and enjoying your life.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Applying a few drops of vinegar directly to the mosquito bite will help to reduce itchiness.

These remedies will quickly and effectively help you get the relief that you’re looking for to reduce skin irritation.

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