Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?


Alba Soler Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Often times people hold off on getting laser hair removal treatments because they’ve heard stories about how painful it is.  If you’re a little sensitive and wonder if laser hair removal hurts you should take a few points into consideration.

You Are An Individual

You will have a different pain tolerance that your friends and family members. Just because they were completely at ease or uncomfortable it doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience.

Which Part Of Your Body Do You Want To Work On?

Your body part feel the laser hair removal treatments differently.

  • In general the arms, stomach area and thighs on women don’t hurt at all.
  • You may feel a slight discomfort when the laser is passing over the bone on the front of the lower legs but the back of the legs normally don’t feel too much discomfort for women.
  • Because there is so much thick and dark hair on the underarms you may feel a slight discomfort however, the treatments are fast so it shouldn’t be too hard to handle.
  • Brazilian laser hair removal treatments on the other hand are very painful for most people. Not only are the hairs incredibly thick, dark and dense but the skin tone tends to be a little darker as well. The combination isn’t the most pleasant one but the results are worth it (don’t worry there are ways to make it more comfortable- just see below).
  • The bikini area is no as bad as the brazilian. You may feel it a little more as you go further in but it’s in no way as bad as a brazilian.

Are You A Man Or Woman?

Most men are simply more sensitive to the treatments because they tend to have thicker and denser hairs in general so they will feel it much more than women. We haven’t had anyone run out screaming yet though so it’s still bearable.

How Thick, Dark And Dense Are Your Hairs

The thicker, darker and denser the hairs the more you will feel the treatments because the laser can see them better. However, the good news is that your results will be worth the discomfort.

Are You On Your Period?

When it’s that time of the month your body is simply more sensitive to every sensation. Although you should be able to get your treatments done with only the slightest discomfort, we do recommend delaying a bikini or brazilian treatment.

How You Can Make Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments More Comfortable

For those of you who are very sensitive there are a few things that you can do to make your treatments more enjoyable.

  • Get rid of your ingrown hairs. We sell and recommend using Tend Skin to gently free your ingrown hairs.
  • Talk to your laser technician about topical numbing creams. There are different strengths available to suit your needs.
  • Don’t drink caffeinated beverages for approximately two hours before your session. Caffeine gets your adrenaline going and you become more sensitive.
  • Don’t make your appointments during the times when you’re on your period. In fact, I recommend skipping the two days before and after it as well.
  • Relax. There’s no reason to work yourself up because it will only make it worse.

You’ll find that as the treatments progress your treatments will become more comfortable. Usually it hurts a little less after the third session and a little more each time after it.

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