5 Reasons You Get Burned During Laser (And How to Prevent It)

Causes of getting burned with laser hair removal

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It’s very easy to get burnt when getting a laser hair removal treatment. Regardless of the type of laser that you are using, you are always at risk of burning which is why you should know about how to prevent it from happening to you as much as you possible can as well as how to heal if it does happen to you.

Causes of Getting Burned From Laser Hair Removal

1- Wrong Setting

If the laser technician has the power set on a level that is even slightly too high, you can get burned. Regardless how tough your skin is and how you react to other treatments, it’s important to remember that laser is not something that you want to play around with and it can cause permanent damage. Make sure you are visiting an experienced laser technician to avoid any accidents.

2- Tanned Skin

One of the most popular reasons that people get burned is because their skin suddenly gets tanned. Laser works best when your skin tone is at its lightest so it really is your best interest to stay out of the sun when getting treated. However, if it’s summer and you’re just walking to the car while wearing clothes that show some skin, you are very likely to get some color whether you want to or not. If the technician does not realize that you’re tanned or if the treatment is done regardless (even if the setting is reduced) you are very like to get burned.

3- Product on Skin

The laser will automatically burn up most chemicals that are on the skin- especially if they contain alcohol.

4- You’re Not Shaved

It sounds strange but it’s true, you should shave before getting laser hair reduction because if you don’t the laser will singe the hair and the hair may very well burn the skin.

5- Dark Skin

People who have darker skin (including African American, Middle Eastern, Indian and Spanish) are more like to burn than those who have very fair skin. It pretty much works the same way as someone who has tanned skin.

How To Prevent Getting Burned From Laser Hair Removal

1- Test Shots

In order to prevent even the slightest burn be sure to ask the laser technician to do some test shots on you before you actually start your sessions so that you will know approximately how high you can go. Of course just because you don’t burn with the test shots it’s not a 100% guarantee that nothing will happen later on but it is a good way of reducing your chances of getting hurt. This is especially important for people with olive or darker skin.

2- Cleanliness is Key

Be sure to completely shave the area that is being worked on and to wash off any trace of deodorant, body spray, oil or lotion from the area being worked on before the treatment begins. In addition to this, be sure to shower – especially if you just went to the gym because sweat can burn. This should all be done the day of the treatment. For more tips on how to prepare for a laser session, read this article. 

3- No Tanning

Be sure to use a lot of sunscreen and cover up the area that is being worked on when you’re out and about in the sun.

It’s important to follow these rules for your own safety and well being. Speak to your laser technician to get answers to any questions that you may have.

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