Causes Of Dark Underarms And How To Lighten Them


If you think that you’re alone in your battle to lighten your underarms, think again. Having dark underarms is very common for both men and women. To help you in your mission here are some causes of dark underarms as well as a few tips on how to lighten your underarms.

Causes Of Dark Underarms


There are roughly 1,000 hair follicles in one square inch of skin. The follicles that are active are the ones that are growing out hairs. Having a lot of active hair follicles is one of the biggest causes of dark underarms.


One of the most popular causes of dark underarms is shaving. When you shave, all you’re doing is cutting the hairs so that they have a flat surface. Therefore, the hairs are still showing and since the end of the hair is now flat, it shows more which means that your underarms now seem to be darker. In addition to this when you shave the hairs are still in the follicles so they will make the area appear darker from the inside out.


Some people who have diabetes may also have an insulin disorder which can cause them to have acanthosis nigricans. A side effect is the dark underarms. If you have this problem be sure to speak to your doctor about what you can do to help solve the problem.


Many deodorant brands contain harmful chemicals that can cause dark underarms. Try switching to a natural brand which will not harm your body in the same manner.

How To Lighten Your Underarms


Besides feeling cleaner, a popular reason to get laser hair removal on the underarms is to lighten the color. Laser may not get rid of all of the hairs in the area but it will reduce the hairs greatly and where the follicles are not active the pigment is much lighter.


Another way to lighten your underarms is by getting electrolysis hair removal on the area. Since electrolysis attacks the root directly and kills it so that it no longer grows hair you will find that your underarms get lighter. It’s a time consuming process but is well worth it because electrolysis is permanent so the treated hairs will never grow out again.

These other ways to lighten your underarms are quick and easy but do not give long term results.


Dead skin cells build up all over your body including under your arms. Using a gentle sugar scrub can gently smooth away some of the dead skin cells and leave your underarms looking lighter. Be careful to do this once or twice a week or the area can become oversensitive.


Another way to lighten your underarms is by cutting a lemon in half and applying the juice directly to your armpits. After about ten minutes rinse it off so that your skin doesn’t dry out. Lemons are commonly known to have fantastic bleaching power and over time can lighten the skin nicely.


The potato may cause you to gain inches on your hips but it’s one of the best ways to lighten your underarms.

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