Can Laser And Electrolysis Be Done At The Same Time?

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Many people who see white hairs appear on the areas that they want to do laser hair removal treatments on wonder if laser and electrolysis hair removal can be done at the same time. The simple straightforward answer is yes however there are a few points that you should be aware of first.




Can Laser And Electrolysis Be Done At The Same Time?

  • If you read our post ‘Are You A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?’ then you know that laser hair removal will not get rid of white or grey hairs because it can’t see them. Electrolysis hair removal on the other hand can treat hairs of any color so in this case we can say that you can do laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments  at the same time because the light hairs are not being treated by the laser.
  • The downside of doing laser and electrolysis at the same time is when shaving comes in to play. It’s ok to shave your hairs when doing laser treatments however, when getting electrolysis it’s best to leave the hairs alone so that they don’t get stronger. The more you shave, the stronger the hairs get so even if you get electrolysis treatments on a weekly basis, the benefits of the treatments will be slowed down greatly. Over time, you will see results but it will take longer for it to happen.
  • As mentioned, over time you will see results but since you’re shaving anyway keep in mind that the less you shave the better the results so try to keep it to a minimum. Once your laser treatments are finished then you should stop shaving altogether so that you really start seeing phenomenal results.
  • Doing electrolysis on the white and grey hairs will not affect the laser treatments as long as you don’t touch the dark hairs.

It’s not a good idea to do laser and electrolysis on the same area at the same time because the skin is too sensitive and can be damaged.

For help deciding if laser hair removal or electrolysis is better for you, check out this article.


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