The Complete Guide to Bikini Laser Hair Removal Styles

red bikini laser hair removal

Summertime means warm nights, frozen cocktails, and lots of time spent in your bikini. Nothing should get in the way of you feeling confident in your itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny, especially not unwanted hair.

Remembering to shave each and every time you put on your swim suit can be burdensome and irritating to the skin. Bikini laser hair removal makes embarrassing stubble and razor burn a thing of the past. But with so many different styles of bikini hair removal to chose from, it can be confusing to know what to ask for.

This guide will help you understand the lingo so you feel confident going in for bikini laser hair removal. The following styles are ordered from most hair to least:

The Bikini

Bikini laser hair removal targets the hairs in your bikini line. Your bikini line refers to the perimeter of where your bikini or panties cover the skin. This style is great if you want to clean up the edges while staying on the more natural side.

The French

French style basically means hair removal on top while between the legs and up the back are left untouched. However, a French will typically leave some hair left on top as well, à la Landing Strip or Bermuda Triangle. Many women prefer this style if they want to feel groomed and au natural at the same time.

Landing Strip

Like it’s name suggests, a Landing Strip is a vertical, rectangle, patch of hair that is left on top. It can be paired with a French or Brazilian. For this, Landing Strip refers more to the shape of the remaining hair, rather than the style of hair removal.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle leaves you with a clean, triangular patch of hair left on top. Like the Landing Strip, it can be paired with either a French or Brazilian wax. The size of your triangle is up to you, and you can often find the tiny ones referred to as a “Desert Island.”

The Brazilian

The Brazilian earns its name from the barely-there bikini bottoms donned by beach babes in Brazil. Brazilian laser hair removal targets the on the bikini line, between the legs, and up the back. Like previously mentioned, you can leave behind a Landing Strip or Bermuda Triangle if you so choose. Since this style is meant to remove any hair that could be exposed in a thong-shaped suit, you will have to go sans paties for this one.

Full Brazilian

Also referred to as The Hollywood, this style leaves you with absolutely no hair down there. It’s the Brazilian, minus any leftover hair on top. Many women prefer going fully bare because it leaves them feeling cleaner and with more freedom of movement. While Brazilian laser hair removal can be painful, never having to think twice before hopping into your bikini makes it well worth it.

How to Choose a Bikini Laser Hair Removal Style?

Bikini laser hair removal is a matter of personal preference. You should always chose the style based on what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

While laser hair removal is not 100% permanent, it can’t be undone. So if you’re a bit hesitant to take it all off, you can always start with a bikini laser and work your way down the list of styles as you please.

For bikini laser hair removal in Long Island, get in touch to schedule your appointment.

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