3 Tips for Smooth Underarms


The road to smooth underarms isn’t always… well…  smooth.

For many women, and particularly during adolescence, underarms are a source of shame or self-consciousness. Lots of women and girls will go as far as to avoid wearing tank tops or raising their arms out of fear of being caught in an embarrassing moment.  

Self-confidence is the best beauty secret. But if you are constantly preoccupied with your underarms, you will never be your most confident, beautiful self.

Here are 3 tips for smooth underarms that will make you look forward to tank-top season.

1. Choose Quality Deodorant

Choosing a quality deodorant is more important than most people think. We often go for what is the most affordable, or smells the sweetest, but these cheap, scented deodorants can sometimes be the biggest culprit for rough underarms.

Many deodorants contain harsh chemicals and parabens that irritate the skin and follicles.

Take the same level of care picking our your deodorant as you would any other beauty product. Experiment using unscented and natural brands to find what works best for you.

2. Wash Well and Frequently

Your underarms are one of the most important parts of your body to wash, yet we don’t usually give them the TLC they need.  

Sweat glands are healthy, and important for regulating our internal temperature and ridding our body of toxins. Deodorants and antiperspirants inhibit natural sweat production, which can clog the pores if not cleaned well at the end of the day. This can cause unsightly and painful bumps, or rashes like folliculitis to appear.

Avoid this by washing your underarms well and frequently. To further encourage smoothness, exfoliate every once in a while to remove any buildup of dead skin cells.

3. Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Even when the skin is well taken care of, your underarms can maintain a permanent shadow look. Most of the time, the cause of dark underarms is because the hair follicles can still be seen underneath the surface.

Shaving makes this problem even worse because it gives the hairs a blunt edge that makes them appear thicker and darker. The only way to truly fix this problem is to remove the hair at the follicle level. This can be done through laser hair removal.

Not only will underarm laser hair removal help the skin stay smooth, but it makes it so you don’t consistently have to wonder if you remembered to shave.

Laser Hair Removal in Long Island

Laser hair removal makes it possible to enjoy smooth underarms and complete freedom of movement. To schedule a laser hair removal appointment, contact Laser by Aleya.

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