3 Reasons Why You Should Get Back Laser Hair Removal


First, let’s get something straight: laser hair removal is not emasculating.

Too many men still abide by the outdated misconception that hair removal and skin care are only for women.

The truth is, this kind of thinking is counterproductive to a healthy self image.

Personal grooming isn’t about femininity or vanity; it’s about taking pride in yourself and creating an appearance that you feel most confidence in.

Majority of men are self conscious about their back hair, yet they remain on the fence about taking action. Whether because of fear of the pain, or fear of being too feminine, lots of men are hesitant when it comes to laser hair removal for back hair.

Guys, here are the top 3 reasons you should go for back laser hair removal.

1. Back Hair Is Nearly Impossible to Remove Yourself

Let’s talk about logistics. The main issue with back is that it’s, well, on your back. How are you going to remove it yourself?

Laser hair removal technicians are highly trained and experienced. When you go in for a laser hair removal appointment at Laser by Aleya in Long Island, you can be confident that your technician will follow best practices, including safety, efficacy, and supporting a justment-free environment.

2. Back Laser Hair Removal is Effective

Compared to alternative solutions, laser hair removal is the most effective for back hair.

Shaving is burdensome and impractical. Since the hair is only removed at the surface level, the blunt edges of the hair can still be seen underneath the skin’s surface, making it a challenge to achieve the smooth look you are going for. Additionally, when the hair grows back it is coarse and prickly, which is far from pleasing to the touch.

Waxing on the other hand, removes the hair at the follicle, giving you a smooth look. However, it’s not a permanent solution. Pain like that shouldn’t last forever.

While laser hair removal can also cause some discomfort, it is far more efficient and sustainable. After only a few treatment sessions, you will notice a drastic decrease in the amount and thickness of hairs. In total, you will need between 9-12 treatments, plus yearly maintenance sessions, to achieve life-long results.  

3. Confidence

Sexiness is a state of mind. If you believe it in yourself, others will too. But you will never feel sexy if you are not confident in your appearance.

Most men with back hair are self-conscious of it. And, unfortunately, low self-esteem has a spillover effect, taking a toll on your professional life, friendships, and love life. You should never let something as insignificant as back hair get in the way of you reaching your individual potential.

Back Laser Hair Removal Long Island

How many more reasons do you need?

If you’re living in the greater Long Island area, book your appointment for back laser hair removal at Laser by Aleya.

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