Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Hurt

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People generally start doing electrolysis hair removal because they learned about it through a friend or read about in somewhere. While it’s easy to understand the history behind it, there is a recurring thought that usually stays with someone until they’ve had the actual treatment performed: ‘Does laser hair removal hurt?’ It’s a little difficult to answer this question because each individual is different. There are a few ways that you can get a general idea of how you will react to it:

How Old Are You?

In general, the younger you are the more you will feel the treatments. As you get older you have less moisture in your body so the treatments will be less painful. I like to use a gold probe (needle) on my younger clients because they feel more comfortable during the treatments.

When Did You Last Drink Caffeine?

Caffeine gets your adrenaline pumping so you’re much more sensitive to any sensation. If you’re worried about electrolysis hurting then ski any caffeinated beverage for at least two to three hours before your treatment.

Which Area Are You Working On?

Different body parts feel the workings of electrolysis differently. Areas such as the upper lip and bikini area which have a lot of nerve endings are generally the most painful. Body parts that are right on the bone may also bee a little sensitive. On the other hand, breasts and happy trails are usually the easiest to treat.

Is It That Time Of The Month? 

When you have your period your body is just more sensitive. If you’re worried about electrolysis hurting then schedule your appointments around your cycle.

How Is Your Pain Threshold?

Everything else that has been mentioned is a moot point if you’re just one of those incredible sensitive people. Everyone has a different sensitivity to electrolysis. Some people feel everything while others fall asleep during the treatments.

At the end it’s really all about you, but you can always talk to your hair removal technician about how to make your treatments more comfortable.


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